Dwelling in the Word

Dwelling in scripture is an ancient practice. For us today, dwelling can help us listen and attend to places in our lives where the Spirit of God is nudging us. Listening and attending is the first step in seeking and joining God in our neighborhoods. Dwelling is accessible to a large age range. In that it relates to our ordinary lives, seminary training is not needed to engage this practice. All you need is the scripture, questions for reflection and a willingness to share your experience with others. As we practice dwelling, we listen deeply to each other. When we dwell in the same scripture over a significant period of time, we begin to form a shared sense of the challenges facing us. The act of living in the text and allowing the text to live in us shapes our imagination. In this, perhaps, we will be able to better shape how we will continue to follow Jesus together. Join us in the sanctuary on Sundays at 11:40 AM.